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[Application Closed] EU SHARE Programme Team Leader


Programme Team Leader (EU), Indonesia (IDN-1675)

We are looking for a Team Leader for EU SHARE (Programme) to strengthen regional co-operation, enhance the quality, regional competitiveness and internationalisation of ASEAN higher education institutions (HEIs) and students, thereby contributing to the ultimate development of an ASEAN Higher Education Space.

You will lead and direct the implementation of EU-SHARE – a large-scale, ASEAN-wide Higher Education Programme, effectively engaging stakeholders in a way that is politically savvy, technically sound, and which delivers against the programme’s stated objectives. 

You will lead the strategic engagement and positioning of SHARE within ASEAN organisations and within the countries which make up ASEAN; develop and/or maintain an active and strategic network of relationships both within ASEC, and in the ASEAN countries, understand the political landscape, the various organisational and  institutional needs and requirements, and  position the work of SHARE centrally within ASEAN’s ongoing ‘policy dialogue’ in higher education. You will ensure that all partners (consortium and ASEAN) are contributing to this dialogue and that the programme is well represented at appropriate fora.

Ideally, you should have five years’ proven strategic, advisory and team leadership experience in the Education, and preferably Higher education sector in an international or multinational context. You should have a strong profile and technical credibility, including proven thought leader abilities, and a clear understanding of the role of the Education and Higher Education in development. You should have experience of working with donor programmes and with other bilateral and multi-lateral partners with demonstrable success of large scale programme leadership and management during all stages of the project cycle.


To apply for this role please see Job Vacancy - EU SHARE Programme Team Leader.


If you are interested in applying and feel that you are suitable for the role, please apply before 17 February 2019 (23:59 UK Time).  Applications lacking in information will not be considered when we shortlist for this  role.


In our commitment to promote Equality, Diversity & Inclusion, kindly note that we are not interested in collecting any information that is irrelevant to the job such as marital status, age, photograph, etc. 


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