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Second ASEAN-EU Cooperation and Scholarships Day and the Launch of the EU-ASEAN Blue Book 2019


ASEAN SECRETARIAT, 8 AUGUST 2019 - The Cooperation and Scholarships Day highlighted higher education as one key thematic area of EU-ASEAN cooperation. Since 2014, more than 5500 students and staff from ASEAN have travelled to Europe on scholarships funded by the EU and its Member States, including the EU's ERASMUS+ programme, and nearly 3000 students and staff have studied or worked in ASEAN.

Educating young people, especially through scholarships, provides them with exposure of a global perspective and equips them to better anticipate the challenges of the future. Especially in bridging economic, political and socio-cultural issues relating to ASEAN, the EU as well as the rest of the world.” – Dato Lim Jock Hoi, Secretary-General of ASEAN.

A total of 591 scholarships have been awarded by the SHARE programme for short-term study at 32 universities in ASEAN and 10 in Europe. Since 2017, two ASEAN Student Mobility Forums have been convened, which gathered 330 students from all 10 ASEAN Member States, allowing them to discuss important issues regarding student mobility.

This resulted ASEAN students to have more opportunities to mobile within the region and ASEAN to EU through scholarship scheme. By having international experience and sharing knowledge amongst ASEAN-EU students, this directly contributes to fostering young minds that will join the work force with intellect, confidence and poise. 

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