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The First SHARE Student Mobility and Alumni Workshop


HO CHI MINH, VIET NAM - The First SHARE Student Mobility and Alumni Workshop was held on 2 – 3 July 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam. The two-day workshop was attended with great enthusiasm by SHARE students, alumni, representatives from IRO of 32 partner universities, ASEAN Foundation, SEAMEO RIHED and including SHARE consortium partners.


This event aims to be a platform for universities and stakeholders to empower institutions to positively influence the development of an ASEAN community in all ASEAN countries, through various intra-ASEAN scholarships available in the region and support to students and alumni of mobility programmes.


The workshop was opened by Nuffic’s Programme Director, Mr. Peter van Tuijl. In his speech, he emphasised that a scholarship is not a gift but rather an investment. He also added some key traits on why scholarship is very important: young people need to have the capacity to be transnational, interdisciplinary, and inclusivity.



It was a fruitful event, with various sessions discussing topics, such as the impact of student mobility in life and career, the role of alumni networks in the future of Higher Education (HE) and alumni empowerment in ASEAN, industry 4.0 and 21st century in HE. Speakers from Schneider Electric, Amanotes and a start-up company, TB Technologies were also invited to give presentations on industry 4.0 and 21st century in ASEAN labour market and industry perspective of international graduates in ASEAN.


The event was hosted by the Nuffic’s SHARE team. Nuffic is one of the partners in a consortium of European HE agencies that coordinates and implements the scholarship activities with SHARE.


The links to download programme booklet, documentations, and presentations are available as below:

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