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Policy Dialogue 15 Highlighted Youth’s Meaningful Participation in ASEAN Higher Education



Youth involvement was one of the highlights of the 15th SHARE Policy Dialogue held between 27-28 July 2022 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Attended by 327 people (in-person and online) with 58 per cent women participants, the Policy Dialogue allowed the youth to have meaningful participation. Participants were invited as source persons and panellists to share and present insights from the perspective of SHARE Scholars Alumni and Awardees for virtual exchange (VE) and collaborative online international learning (COIL). 

“I participated in VE/COIL Programme on Writing for Transnational Business Management course. There are so many benefits that we gained through this course. First, I learned how to write effective business letters, memos, and emails, which I found essential for an economics student like me to have these competitive advantages to enter the labour market in the future. This course encourages me to improve my writing, presentation, and teamwork skills. Second, I made many friends from other ASEAN countries and have kept in touch until now. Third, the lecturers made the learning process enjoyable, and all the materials are accessible online, which allowed us to learn independently.” (Tri Kien Bui, SHARE VE/COIL Awardee, Vietnam)

“I feel very empowered to learn the topic through a cross-cultural learning experience with friends from PPIU, and the lecturers were very detailed in explaining the materials. The assignment forces us to think critically and break the barrier between students as we all have to collaborate to work on the assignments.”  (Kevin Naufal, SHARE Alumnus, Indonesia) 

“As an awardee COIL programme, I enjoyed learning integrated course, especially working case study with a teammate from another country. I did cultural exchange, chit-chat etc. The teaching format is apparent and according to the schedule for each session, and special thanks to the moderator who allocate the time and work on behalf of the professor. If there is an opportunity to participate, do not hesitate. It will be a great moment to enjoy.”  (Sovann Songheng, SHARE Alumnus, Cambodia)

From 2016 onwards, SHARE has provided 590 intra-ASEAN and ASEAN-EU Mobility scholarships for ASEAN university students; and 1.405 students from ASEAN were awarded for virtual exchange (VE) and collaborative online international learning (COIL). On the next batch of VE/COIL, SHARE will provide 250 scholarships for ASEAN students by the end of November 2022.

In relevance to the theme of the 15th Policy Dialogue, students and alums also explored ideas and initiatives to realise a common higher education space in Southeast Asia. Based on the evaluation survey received, over half of the participants, especially youth, expressed that the forum gave opportunities to dive deep into identifying innovation and initiatives towards the digital transformation of higher education in Southeast Asia. The SHARE alums got more exposure to Higher Education in Southeast Asia. They benefitted from the innovation and initiatives toward digital transformation. 

"I think the SHARE Programme is great for people who want to experience a new culture and learn something new in a new country.” (Binh Minh, SHARE Alumna – Vietnam)

“There are many opportunities available for the ASEAN students that we can be part of through the SHARE Programme.” (Student/alumnus – The Philippines)

“I noted the key takeaway from this event is that there is a multi-Institutions, stakeholder committed to achieving the substance of Higher Education in the Southeast Asia region. They want the young academic to be able to learn, achieve, and have high background study which they could mobilise to work or engage the cross-cultural people in other countries in Southeast Asia.” (Student/alumnus – Cambodia)

“The experience was great, and I learned a lot about the ASEAN education system as a citizen of another country. I hope that if I get an opportunity in future, I shall try to implement all the positive aspects of the same in our country as well.” (Student/alumnus – India)

Through Policy Dialogue 15, the SHARE Programme has successfully brought together key stakeholders to share information, exchange views, and propose strategies to establish a common higher education space in Southeast Asia. Watch the highlight video from this Dialogue on SHARE Programme YouTube Channel



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