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Review of the Indonesian referencing report to the ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework (AQRF)



The EU Support to Higher Education in the ASEAN Region (EU SHARE) project is a 57 months project with an overall objective of contributing to the regional cooperation, enhancing the quality, regional competitiveness and internationalisation of ASEAN Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) contributing to an ASEAN Community in 2015 and beyond. 

The ASEAN Member States (AMS) adopted the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Blueprint, which called for cooperation, including the recognition of professional qualifications. Another important component of the AEC Blueprint was the creation of the free flow of skilled labour through ‘harmonisation and standardisation. In the “ASEAN Regional Qualifications Framework” forum held in 2011 in Bangkok, the participants noted the need for an ASEAN common reference framework. The ASEAN Qualifications Reference Framework (AQRF), a common reference framework, will function as a device to enable comparisons of qualifications across AMS.

Within this context, each AMS is requested to develop a report describing actions that have been carried out for referring its NQF to the AQRF. The development of NQF’s in ASEAN varies, whereby some AMS have established comprehensive NQFs, others have sectoral frameworks in place, and others have yet to develop or implement qualifications frameworks. Therefore, an independent review by an expert in Qualifications Framework is considered essential to provide inputs and critical scrutiny. 

DAAD is the technical lead for Result Area 2a – Qualifications Frameworks of SHARE’s programme implementation. In this current phase, we are seeking a Technical Consultancy.

For detailed information on the call please see the terms of reference.

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