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Second SHARE Student Mobility and Alumni Workshop


JAKARTA, 6-7 August 2019 - We are already empowered by SHARE about the importance of ASEAN community that we are one identity as ASEAN citizen. I think we need to spread that spirit also we need to raise awareness to other students about the importance of ASEAN.” – Nguyen Thi Sa Va, Ho Chi Minh University of Technology and Education

Higher education harmonisation and a cross-ASEAN scholarship scheme can drive integration within ASEAN and create a stronger ASEAN community, providing opportunities for ASEAN young people to study and work in other ASEAN countries, speak other ASEAN languages, experience cultures and cuisines of these countries, and develop friendships with other ASEAN nationals. These young people will then start to think of themselves not only as nationals of their own countries, but also as members of the ASEAN community, this embeds a clear ASEAN perspective within the individual lives of these young people.

The participants of the workshop have developed an actionable vision paper on how the engagement and empowerment of alumni networks can help (a) strengthening the internationalization of the Higher Education landscape in ASEAN and (b) promote ASEAN citizenship and connectivity.

This resulting vision paper will be presented and handed over to the ASEAN Secretariat through its Education, Youth and Sports Division. Furthermore, the vision paper will also inform the current ASEAN Student Mobility Studies as commissioned by the SHARE project and the start-up of the second phase of the SHARE project.


The links to download programme booklet, documentations, and presentations are available as below:



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